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If you compare the loans that online banks and låneprocessen i en traditionel bank, there are some significant differences that are good to pay attention to. 

If you want a loan from a traditional bank, you must first make an appointment with a bank employee. For the meeting with the bank you will be asked about the purpose of your loan, the bank will make a detailed credit check of you. If the bank's attitude remains positive, they will prepare the necessary Der er kreditkort eller debetkort documents, which may take some days. Once the paperwork is completed, you can return to the bank and sign and the money will be transferred to your account.

With online loans, the process is less complicated. You apply for a loan online, the provider makes an automated credit check and you will subsequently receive a loan offer within a few minutes. Due to recent legislative changes from the turn of the year, there is a waiting period of 48 hours before you can accept the returned Sammenholder man de lån som online banker her

During this waiting period, it is forbidden for the loan provider to contact you to follow up on the loan offer. If you still wish to complete the loan after 48 hours have passed, you should contact the loan provider who will then pay the money. 

These new rules only apply to short-term loans and are for consumer protection purposes, since you do not want online loans to be used to hlrevision fund impulse purchases.


If you see the differences between the loan process online in relation to the borrowing process in a traditional bank, it is easy to understand why online loans are winning strongly in these years. With a online lån, you are guaranteed a fast response time, fast payment and all without having to ask security or be inquired about the purpose of your loan. 

Therefore, a loan online is especially a good solution if a sudden and unpredictable expense occurs which you have an urgent need to correct. It could be that you get a dental injury that requires immediate treatment or the car is broken and you need a loan to help the mechanic bill.


Previously, traditional bank loans have been the cheaper solution, but even though an online loan can be more expensive, they come with some benefits that bank loans can not compete with. 

An online loan will rarely be Denmark's cheapest loan, but if you want to avoid being questioned about the purpose of the loan or if you need a quick payment, then it may be worth the extra. If you are still focused on finding Denmark's cheapest loan, you should read the following sections: billige lån uden renter , and cheap loans for students.

The traditional banks have been in crisis for the last 5 years, so they have more and more slipped the money box and it becomes harder and harder to be approved for a loan. If they consider that your financial security is not so good you may be offered a loan with expensive interest and låne penge til renovering af dit hus

Unfortunately, not everyone who has the sound economy the banks love, it is therefore only the banks really good customers who can get a loan at a favorable rate. Therefore, online loans for some consumers have begun to overhale banklån som en billigere and better solution.